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Aging & Driving Resources

Having a car and the ability to drive -- running errands and visiting friends and family when the occasion calls for it -- is crucial to people of any age. For older adults, however, maintaining the ability to drive is more than just a functional skill; it also holds psychological ramifications. Being able to drive is the key to independence, self-reliance, and in some cases, self-esteem. Having to hand over the keys to the car is not just a hobbling experience, it’s a humbling one for many senior citizens, as well. It’s important for older adults to be able to maintain the ability to drive as long as possible, yet still remain safe in their independent.

Empress Home Care has gathered a helpful list of resources designed to help older adults and their loved ones evaluate their driving skills and decide what measures to take to ensure the safety and well-being of older adults and other drivers on the road.

Please check out our list of resources below to learn more about aging and driving safety best-practices.


[Webinar] Aging and Driving - Making Informed Decisions that Support Independence and Safety

The topic of older adults, driving, and maintaining independence despite challenges that arise as a result of aging is a hotly-debated topic. Learn more about this issue, the impact the aging process has on older adults, and best practices for evaluating and improving safer driving skills in older adults. Listen to or read a transcript of Empress’s free webinar, packed with real stories and actionable insights on older adults and driver safety.

[Infographic] Aging & Driving

Empress Home Care presents an at-a-glance look at the ways in which the aging process can affect driving skills in older adults and how loved ones can help assess these driving skills. This infographic was designed to encourage safe driving behaviors in older adults while helping them maintain their independence.

[Infographic] Can Seniors be Safe Drivers? 8 Tips That Could Save Your Life

Senior citizens can certainly be safe drivers! Empress Home Care offers eight helpful tips that can help older adults stay safe behind the wheel. This attractive, visual format offers up some fast facts that can help keep older adults in the driver’s seat and the road a safer place for all!

Aging & Driving: Making Informed Decisions That Support Independence & Safety

This article presents a comprehensive overview on what older adults value most about driving and how their families can help them stay safe behind the wheel. This informational post presents a list of resources, information, and best-practices for assessing driving skills in senior citizens.

Motor Vehicle Safety: How Old is Too Old to Drive?

Is there such a thing as being too old to drive? This question holds a different answer for older adults across a wide spectrum of ages and depends on such factors as vision, strength and dexterity, mental faculties, and the types of medication a person is taking that may impair driving skills. Empress Home Care delves into answering this question and offers a checklist of items for older adults and their loved ones to help them answer this question for themselves.

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