Companion Care

Whether you live across the country or across the street from your aging family members, it helps to know they have someone nearby if they need support. Sometimes the right home care for your loved one is just having a friendly, compassionate companion who visits regularly to sit, chat, and reminisce.

Companion care is one of the most popular senior home care services. A caregiver keeps your loved one socially engaged at home, and can accompany them to visit friends or family, to social events, or to visit local sites. Outings don’t have to end because health complications make leaving the house difficult. Companion care for seniors gives them someone to socialize with, and gives your family someone to rely on.

Below are a few activities caregivers can help with:
Social events and friend visits

 Shopping and errands

 Personal correspondence and memoirs
Medication prompts and reminders
Home projects
Safety and security

Frequently Asked Questions on Companion Care

What if I need someone to sit with my loved one when I’m at work?

Yes! If you need someone to keep your loved one company, have a meal with them, play their favorite card game, or sit and watch every major league baseball game with them, then homemaker companion services are perfect for you.

Can a caregiver provide companion care in assisted living?

Yes! Caregivers can provide support wherever your loved one calls home. They are there for your reassurance and to keep your loved one company.

How about transportation services?

Caregivers are not strictly speaking chauffeurs, but they can certainly pick up and accompany your loved one to a social outing, shopping, or to and from appointments. Caregivers can even help your loved one get ready and accompany them to family events like graduations or weddings.

Can I use companion care for specific weekends?

Absolutely. You can schedule companion care for any amount of time you need, and for however long you need. There’s no contract, so your hours are always flexible.