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Overnight and 24 Hour Live-in Home Care

What is Overnight Care?

Overnight care is about knowing someone is there to help if a loved one needs fluids, snacks, or help using the restroom. It’s perfect for people who have trouble sleeping through the night or tend to wake up disoriented.

With overnight care, a caregiver comes by the house to provide a few hours of care before bed and in the morning. In addition to providing homemaking and companionship services, overnight caregivers can provide a number of personal care services, including:

What is 24 Hour Live-in Care?

Needing more support doesn’t have to mean leaving home. You might be be helping mom or dad in their home and things have reached a point where they need more constant assistance. Or maybe you or a family member is having surgery and would rather recover at home. Live-in home care means that a caregiver lives in your home to help with anything from spontaneous needs to planned outings.

If you are a family caregiver, you know that a poor night’s rest can affect your health. Live-in caregivers are entitled to 8 hours of sleep, so you might choose  24-hour care if you need a caregiver to be awake at all times. 24-hour care means that several caregivers rotate shifts so that someone is always awake and alert to help your loved one.

Overnight and 24 Hour Live-in Home Care Basics

If you haven’t heard of live-in care before, here are the basic rules: the caregiver can live in the home as long as there is a separate bedroom and storage space for their belongings. Many live-in caregivers drive and can accompany your loved one to appointments or go grocery shopping. If you prefer, a caregiver can drive your car or their own.

Skin care and make-up
Continence care
 Dressing and grooming
 Personal hygiene
Personal hygiene
Restroom assistance
Active range-of-motion assistance
 Transfer and ambulatory assistance
Medication reminders

What is the cost of live-in care?

There are no additional charges for room and board for live-in care, but the family usually covers the cost of meals (or provides a meal stipend). Alternatively, the caregiver can cook the meals for the client and dine alongside the family.

The total cost of care varies by state and region. You’ll get the most specific answer by calling your local office. They are happy to give you a detailed pricing breakdown.

For more information, you can download our free guide to live-in care.

Frequently Asked Questions About Live-In & Overnight Care Services

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