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Post Surgery Recovery & Rehab at Home Care

Concierge-Style Care To Get You Back On Track

No matter your age, post-surgery routines usually require rehabilitation. In most cases, the success of your surgery depends heavily on your post-surgery recovery. Why not recover after your surgery in the comfort of your own home with one-on-one support?

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Caregivers can help with things like meal preparation, transportation and accompaniment to doctor’s or physical therapy appointments, and housekeeping so you can rest and recover.

If your recovery limits mobility, caregivers can help you move safely, dress, bathe, or practice range-of-motion exercises as prescribed by a physical therapist. They’ll even remind you to take medications on time so your post surgery at home recovery goes as smoothly as possible. As you get stronger and more independent, you can change your hours and services until you’re back to 100%.

Caregivers can aid you or your loved one with after surgery home care needs for a variety of surgeries. Here are a few common surgeries recoveries we can assist with:

  • Heart surgery home recovery

  • Hip replacement home care

  • Knee surgery home care recovery

For a complete list of Griswold’s post-surgery rehab home care services, see our list of home care services

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