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Three Common Mistakes Seasoned Home Care Franchisees Make

While it’s no secret newbie;home care franchise owners are sometimes prone to making a few common mistakes, veteran franchise owners aren’t immune to error, either.

Even well-established franchisees can fall into bad habits or abandon best practices if given enough time.

Here are the top three ways home care veterans can lose sight of best practices, according to a few of the biggest home care companies:

1. Not Having the Right Teams

As a franchise grows, it’s only natural that an owner would want to delegate more responsibilities to their senior employees. But that can get them into trouble if they don’t have the right workers in place,according to Bright Star President and COO Thom Gilday. Bright Star Care is a Gurnee, Illinois-based private duty home care and medical staffing provider with 320 locations in the U.S. and Canada.

The only issue I see for veterans is if they try to delegate too much responsibility…and they don’t have the right person in the right seat for all the roles,” Gilday told Home Health Care News.

That might include a longtime employee who may no longer be up to the task, Gilday said. Perhaps the job has grown too big for them, or they’re just not the right fit for their current role. In that case, agencies might want to find something else for them to do.

Find another role for Suzy, who might have been good when the business was smaller, but [who] might not be [good] in that critical lead position ” Gilday said of a hypothetical employee.

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