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Tabata Training For Seniors And Elderly Adults

The science of fitness has grown enormously over the past two decades. We’ve learned how different fitness activities produce different results, how some forms of exercise are more efficient than others, and how the benefits of activity vary with age.

But some of the most important advancements in our understanding of fitness came from a Japanese researcher name Dr. Tabata. While studying the athlete routines of Olympic speed skaters, Dr. Tabata was among the first to recognize the special benefits of high intensity training.

What’s a Tabata Workout?

Though it didn’t have a name when Dr. Tabata discovered it, the Tabata workout method is now considered a form of high intensity interval training. And HIIT has been intensively studied in the time since Dr. Tabata initially made his discovery.

HIIT and Tabata benefits include rapidly improve glucose metabolism for people with diabetes,slow

down the progression of Parkinson’s, and even offer improved memory. High intensity exercises are more effective at accelerating metabolism, much makes them burn fat faster, and makes finding the best Tabata exercises for weight loss quite easy.

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