Veterans Benefits to Pay for Home Care

Specialized Service for those who Served

The Veteran Affairs Aid & Attendance Pension program offers families and individuals a method of meeting or reducing home care costs for veterans. For qualifying veterans and their spouses, the A & A Pension provides financial support per month to veterans, surviving spouses, and couples.

Even if your family doesn’t qualify for the A&A program, the VA allows households to deduct the annual cost of paying for in-home care when calculating their regular pension benefit. This annual cost is then used to calculate the benefit based on a new “countable income”, which allows families earning more than the pension benefit to receive a disability income from the VA.

Does Empress offer special care or pricing to veterans?

Most offices have a partnership with their local VA and are very active in their communities, though they may not offer special pricing. Contact your local office today to see what Empress Home Care to find out about the cost of home care for veterans in your loved one’s area.

What are the criteria for applying for veterans benefits?

Many Empress Home Care offices have a partnership with their local Veterans Administration office. If your local Empress office has a partnership, they can help you get in touch. The VA can give you all the information you would need to know about applying for benefits. If you are eligible, Empress Home Care is more than happy to work with you to find a in home caregiver for your veteran loved one.

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About Empress Home Care Services Empress Home Care Services opened its doors in 2016 with the idea to provide non-medical home care to those that want to remain in the comfort of their home.


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